Electric Repair

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Electric Guitar Repair[edit]


  • Re-string
  • Adjust truss rod / neck warp
  • Adjust height at nut
  • adjust height at saddle
  • Check electronics for noise
  • Clean pickups (especially bridge humbucker)


  • Fender Strat style


  • High bridge. Check tremolo springs.
  • Bridge humbucker shows rust
  • 5 way selector switch missing cosmetic handle
  • Strap locks (both) loose
  • Missing high e string
  • Bridge 'A' string leveler screw was replaced with an actual screw. o.O
  • End screw on strap lock has broken off screwdriver tip stuck in screw head.
  • Output jack is missing washer and nut
  • Pick guard has cracks from over-tightening of screws



  • Secured strap screws
  • Removed strings
  • Removed knobs
  • removed pick guard
  • Cleaned with wet towel


  • applied lemon oil to fret board