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Project Phoenix[edit]

Greetings and welcome to the Project Phoenix Wiki. Here you'll find the latest updates on the Arcadia High School Robotics Club. It is also a place for us to take our notes, make our revisions, and collaborate on new projects.

Classroom Resources[edit]


Engineering Log[edit]

Stardate 2020.04.05[edit]

What a difference a few days makes! (Funny, I was thinking the same thing a few weeks ago, as the world shut down!). Thank you Ms. Prengaman for writing up an awesome press release about the project. It's nice to see something positive in these uncertain times! As folks read about the project, people are starting to reach out to help. I used to consider myself a misanthrope. (Thank you Mrs. Hall for teaching me about Jonathan Swift!) Seeing all of the craziness out there could reinforce that, but it's important to remember that people are scared right now. Fear causes two reactions in the living, fight or flight, and that manifests itself in lots of different ways! I love that floating in this ocean of despair are islands of hope and kindness. I've seen so many selfless acts that it makes me wonder if this "New Society" that is emerging will last. I hope that this benevolent "fight" will help comfort and encourage the "flight" that has gripped so many. Updates

  • Turns out the old wiki was salvageable. (I can't just walk away form something and declare it a failure...) Our old wiki software is all text based, and doesn't rely on a database. I was able to search the userlist for the string "". Then, I could copy/paste all of the real accounts into a separate file. What was left were spammers, and I was able to just CTRL-A and delete! The downside? Now I've disabled logins somehow...but..I'm okay with two steps forward one step long as I'm moving forward!
  • I want to welcome Mr. Snyder to the wiki! He's going to start using his Ender 3 for the good of the order!
  • My daughter designed a "bag clip" on to help keep our chip bags closed. She's printing her first prototype now. (Gotta start them early!)

Stardate 2020.04.02[edit]

I survived April Fool's Day....and man, what a house of fools I have!! I was sprayed twice at the kitchen'd think I'd learn! We fools get one day a year, so it's all good! Here are some things that have been going on the last few days with me.

  • The 3D printing farm is continuing to churn out masks. My original estimate was 30 prints a day, but with the occasional failed print and maintenance, 20 a day may be a more realistic estimate. (This doesn't include sanding, and installing the elastic and face seal.
  • Our old Wiki was attacked by spammers. They created over 133,000 accounts in a few days time! Needless to say, the damage is irreversible in a timely manner. So, I've installed MediaWiki to replace it. (It's the same software that the Wikipedia uses).
  • I updated the Phoenixbot Forum to the latest version. It now includes "Likes" for posts, which is cool.
  • DaVinci Mini Spool Reset - I have the arduino and have printed the shell for this project, but I'm still waiting on the spring loaded pins and the USB programmer.
  • My lawnmower drive belt broke, and the new belt came in yesterday. (Gonna wait until some warmer weather to work on that).
  • My college class is ending this week, and I'm trying to finish up that semester.

Stardate 2020.03.31[edit]

What a difference a few months makes. With my last log, I was preparing the Raspberry Pi lab for a new semester. Now, we're all sitting in quarantine, trying to figure out our place in this new society. Since quarantine started, I've been staying busy with a number of projects. Remember, "An idle mind is the devil's playground". Keep your mind active and growing! These are great times to explore your favorite subjects. If you enjoy music, play guitar and sing to your family. If you love science, find some experiments to get into. Go outside and plant a garden. Getting fresh tomatoes from your garden is much better than going to the grocery store!

Stardate 2020.02.06[edit]

Like the phoenix, we will rebuild. We will build our own computer lab using the Raspberry Pi. My goal is for each of you to build your own. We'll use them to design and program an arduino powered greenhouse! I'll put together a supply list we'll need. Here are some links to get us started!

2016-2017 Ideas and Notes[edit]

Project Ideas[edit]

 * [[2]]
 * [Unbelievable Arduino Projects]


 * [- Arduino Weather Station]
 * [Arduino Uno Ultimate Starter Kit + LCD Module -- Includes 72 page Instruction Book]
 * [(Civil Air Patrol) STEM Kit Program]
 * Tetrix Prime w/Arduino
   * [Prime and Arduino..a perfect fit]
   * [Prime Arduino Hardware Kit]
   * [Prime in the Classroom]
   * [Prime RC Starter Kit]

Getting started[edit]