DaVinci Mini Spool Reset Project

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DaVinci Mini Spool Reset[edit]


Converting the DaVinci Mini into a custom firmware[edit]

Android NFC Mod[edit]

Materials Needed[edit]

Page 08 Contains Color and Temp Page 08: 5A515A00 For Clear and ??? Degrees Page 08: 5A505000 For Green and 210 Degrees Page 08: 5A504500 For Olivine and 190 Degrees

Page 0A and 0B set the original spool length reset these values to the default 200 m value. Page 0A and 0B: 400D0300 For 200 m

Page 14 has the Remaining Length on the Reel. This should be set to the default value.

Clear Filament Spool[edit]

Page 08: 5A515A00 For Clear Filament and 210 Degrees Page 0A: A0860100 For Total Length to 100m

Black Filament Spool[edit]

Page 08: 5A504B41 For Black Filament and ??? Degrees Page 0A: 400d0300 for total length to ???


  • Page 14 -> Current Length. To reset, set to same value as Page0A

These are most likely checksums. Reset to default values:

  • Page 15: 081F3154
  • Page 16: 50B1E0CE
  • Page 17: 52E74F76


  • Spool of 100m Clear Filament - Successfully reset!
  • Spool of 200m Black Filament - Failure. Shown as bad spool in software.
  • XYZWare needs to be blocked from the internet, lest it check in and blacklist the UID of a reset spool.
  • Never update device firmware