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Graduation 2022





  • Recording Admin Message
  • Recording Introductions


  • Recorded Interviews
  • Using Lapel mics to bring sound from sound room to live stream.

Graduation 2021


  • OBS Studio - Live-streaming software that connects to Youtube.
  • ATEM Switching Software - Mainly used for setting audio levels on the ATEM.
  • HiQnet NetSetter - Audio Architect Software for the Amplifier. Probably won't need to use this, but it's here just in case.
  • GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program (Opensource Photoshop clone)





  • Rehearsal Day To Do
    • Broadcasting Table
      • Laptop
      • ATEM Mini
      • Webcam
      • USB C → USB C Cable
      • Long 3.5mm M-M Audio Cable x 2 (Gym)
      • F-F 3.5mm Barrel connector
  • WESR will use our stream audio.
  • Lessons Learned
    • When livestream is over, don't forget to “end live stream” on Youtube.
    • Mix in more crowd volume…careful not to create weird doubling effect.
    • Double check audio levels on all videos.
    • Preview video feed for jitter before switching
  • Highlights


Graduation has been moved inside, to the gym. New challenges:

  • Gym mixer only has one output…which is (of course) in use.
    • Fixed - created a cable to splice in between the mixer and the amplifier. Line is hot, so had to attenuate the signal quite a bit..
  • WESR may need to bring their own mics, because there are no outputs on our mixer.
  • Camera setup
    • From half-court table
    • Basketball Goal (behind speakers, overlooking gym)?
  • Internet Access tested okay from the gym hallway.
  • Created holding pattern animation
  • Created blank title overlay
  • Created channel brand. (Think NBC logo in the bottom right corner)
  • Created OBS scenes for each section of the ceremony.
  • Imported extended slideshow as a scene.


  • Thanks Shawn and Rawlings for helping out!
  • Check auto shop ethernet
  • Check ethernet cables for gigabit speed.
  • Need an HDMI Monitor for ATEM's Monitor port.
  • Youtube Links


  • Acquired AV Cable
  • Acquired tripod
  • Successfully streamed from within school's network. Thanks Mark and Matt for your quick response!
  • Reviewed Monday's footage
  • Sony Batteries charged
  • Battery Banks
  • Switched streaming computer w/nVidia hw encoding
    • Setup OBS Studio in Windows


Soccer vs Northampton - 2021 Boys Senior Night

  • Thanks Brandon, Rawlings, and Shawn for your help!
  • Youtube Links
  • Video stream was very choppy. Needs more bandwidth. Cell tether not sufficient.
  • Ethernet Connection
  • Audio.
    • Need crowd audio…something for the background, so it isn't just silence.
    • Need an RCA Aux cable to pipe audio into the atem.
    • Need to set audio levels. (Video1 08:26)(Video2 01:35)
      • (Video2 04:22 - can hear me turning down the level on the Atem)
    • PA Mic 2 has terrible hum…maybe check mic levels and other PA settings. (Video1 07:35 in; Video2 starts out with the hum…could be cell phone interference)
  • Cable management - HDMI can be run under bleachers.
  • Tripods!! No “Blair Witch” soccer!
  • ATEM loses connection to computer. Need a better USB Cable.
  • Cameras



Converting Euroblock Connector into XLR

  • XLR Pin 1 = GND
  • XLR Pin 2 = Pos
  • XLR Pin 3 = Neg

Long Range Video

Live Streaming

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