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Automated Slideshow

Using feh

sudo apt install feh
feh -rzsZFD 5 /home/my_folder

Using a Shell Script and gthumb

Linux command for slideshow

So here is what you do:

  • Make a directory with only your pictures in them.
  • open a terminal window and change to the directory made in the previous step.
  • Run this command, substituting 5 with however many seconds you want to wait in between updates.
while true ; do for i in * ; do cp "$i" ~/slideshow.jpg ; echo $i ; sleep 5 ; done ; done
  • Open gthumb and view the image in your home directory called slideshow.jpg, it should rotate the picture. You can make gthumb full screen now if you need to.
  • Try adding and removing pictures from the picture directory. It won't actually update until its finished going through the whole directory each time, but it will update. The echo $i is in there just so you can see what picture it just copied into place each time.
  • When you are ready to stop the slideshow, you can press Ctrl-C in the terminal window.

Setting up rsync

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