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Carduino v2.0

The focus of this project was to design a fully 3D printable RC car, with minimum hardware required, and driven by an Arduino intelligence!

You will find a detailed BoM in the download folder, but if you have a 3D printer you are almost done! you will only need electronics (details attached), tyres, some rubber bands, 4 bearings and a bunch of M3 screws!

This car features a long list of upgrades, like the improved traction system, the optimised electronics layout, the strengthened front suspension or the totally new look given by the rear wing and the front bumper.

Particular attention was given to design for assembly and design for robust manufacturing. Every .stl is uploaded in the optimal orientation for FDM printing.

If you want to build this project just download the files, print them, and follow the Assembly instructions you will find attached.



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