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  • DIY Arduino FM Radio Project with a 3D printed Art Deco enclosure - The design of this radio is based on this spectacular 1935 AWA radio. I discovered this old radio while searching online and also in this book about the most beautiful radios ever made. I loved the design of this radio so much that I wanted to have a similar one. So I devoted a month of my time to build my own.
  • Arduino thermometer project - Art Deco style - The design of this thermometer is fantastic in my opinion. It is based on the design of a commercial thermometer that was designed 100 years ago. I made some changes to the design in order to fit inside modern electronics, a photoresistor to detect darkness, some LEDs to illuminate at night, and of course an Arduino as the brains of the thermometer. I 3D printed the enclosure using wood filament. As you can see, the project is reporting the temperature, and in my opinion, it looks great. I love vintage objects and I very excited now that I can make my own using my 3D printer! Let's see how to build this project!

Raspberry Pi

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